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Flappy Bird to return in August with multiplayer element

Remember Flappy Bird? Of course you do. It was the inane game which involved tapping the screen to flap your birdy and guide it through a series of holes in pipes, which became a runaway hit because... because of... erm...

Because it was stupidly hard, mainly, so getting any kind of a high score was really tricky and something to boast about. It had an addictive quality for many (and we must admit, it entertained us for a short while – but only briefly, mind, we really didn't see the big attraction).

Anyway, as you probably recall, the creator of the game, Dong Nguyen, pulled Flappy Bird from the app stores because it "ruined his simple life" (with the media attention it garnered, and also the haters who were nonplussed at such a basic game becoming a massive hit). He also felt that people were getting too addicted to it.

But now, it's coming back, according to an interview with CNBC (via USA Today), albeit in a different form – with multiplayer support.

None of this is any great surprise. Back on the day it was yanked down, we predicted its return, and indeed Nguyen was talking about a re-release in March.

If addiction was one of the issues Nguyen was most concerned about with the original, though, adding a competitive multiplayer aspect sounds to us like it will make the game even more addictive; not less so. We'll certainly be interested to see what he plans – and we shouldn't have to wait long, as August was mentioned by CNBC as the release date for the new effort.

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