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Foursquare meets Facebook: The Big F is testing location info cards

Facebook has entered the test phase for a new feature within its iOS app that shows related information when users check in or add a video, song, TV show or friend to a status update.

Check in at (ITProPortal favourite) Elliot's Café, for example, and Facebook might display a photo of their famous burger, friends who have also visited, or pics of you and those you checked in with.

Similarly, I might post that I'm listening to Porcupine Tree right now, and Facebook would show friends who have recently done the same.

Facebook's motive for the update appears to be a desire to help users plan their leisure time, which from another perspective means further removing the active discovery element from users' existence. I suppose it depends if you're in the Look Up camp or not.

"These cards can help you discover information about where you are or what to do next, or inspire conversations with your friends around you," said a Facebook spokesperson.

The app addition lends itself to the already established Foursquare, which provides location information to those that check in, though Facebook's version aims to fuel conversations between friends about Facebook content like photos and videos.

Facebook's new info cards boast a great deal more colour than the app's usual blue shades. Birthdays remain blue, but locations are red and photos yellow. Users can also find others with similar interests using the Graph Search feature.

Still in testing, the full rollout of the cards feature will depend on its engagement level, but if it performs well, then expect to see it on your iPhone soon.

Image courtesy of Inside Facebook