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Smile! New LG G3 smartphone is all about the camera

It is hardly a secret that LG is working on the successor of its G2 flagship, as the South Korean maker has officially announced that the upcoming G3 Android smartphone will be unveiled at a press event later this month. It says so in the description of one of its YouTube videos, a teaser of, you guessed it, the G3, as well as on its Facebook page (and, most likely, every other social media page LG has).

We do not need to speculate on the name (G3, obviously), the day of its presentation (27 May) or even the hour (18:00 GMT, 1 pm EST, 10 am PST). But, not to reveal all its cards before the big night, LG is (for now, at least) still keeping the actual smartphone under wraps. Go figure. We can, however, get a pretty good idea on how the G3 looks and what it offers, as the teaser does reveal plenty of details.

It appears that LG will place a great deal of importance on the camera, which is the star of the show for half of the teaser's duration. It will feature optical image stabilisation, as indicated by the movement of the lens inside the camera compartment. This is a feature the G3's predecessor has, as well as other smartphones like the year-old HTC One and the upcoming Nokia Lumia 930.

Near the camera, on the right side, there is a dual-LED flash (I cannot make out what the thing opposite it is). The now-traditional physical buttons under the camera module also make an appearance in the G3 (for some reason, LG seems to be fond of their unusual placement).

What I find more interesting though is the newfound metal look and feel the G3 is going for. Whether it is actual metal or plastic made to look like it will remain to be seen, but, thankfully, LG is trying to move away from the cheapness of glossy plastic.

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