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Microsoft to unveil Surface Pro 3 next week?

We know that Microsoft has a big Surface press event next week, and all the rumours point to the revelation of a Surface Mini tablet – but other models are on the cards, as well, and could one of them be a new Surface Pro?

There has already been some suggestion that a Surface Pro 3 could be rolled out, and Neowin has added to that speculation when it spotted a customer support document on the Microsoft website.

Said document mentioned the "Surface Pro 3 camera" so this could be an accidentally spilled reference to the next Surface Pro. Or, someone could have hit the 3 key rather than 2 when they were typing up that entry, of course.

Indeed, Microsoft has come forward to say it's a typo – but they would say that, even if it wasn't. And instead of correcting the number 3 with a 2 to make the entry pertain to the current model of the Pro slate, Redmond has simply removed the entire reference to the Surface.

However, we're still a long, long way from confirmation of the rollout of a Surface Pro 3, of course – and it would certainly be a short gap of just six months between versions if a new model is unveiled.

Microsoft has actually only just started shipping the Surface 2 LTE variant in the UK, with the 4G slate being priced at £539.