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Samsung to unveil new Galaxy Tab slate in June

Samsung is holding a press event in June, and it would seem that the company is going to unveil a new Galaxy Tab slate (or perhaps slates) at said shindig.

The invitation, however, doesn't give much away. The only words on it are "Samsung Galaxy Tab Premiere" along with "Tab into Colour".

C-net spotted the invite, and the event will take place in New York on 12 June, which is four weeks today, and judging from the above words it's a safe bet that a new Tab, or maybe even a range of Galaxy Tab models are going to be shown off.

Exactly what the reference to colour means – and the colourful invitation, with its red, green and blue hues – isn't quite so obvious. Though it could perhaps be as simple as a wide, striking range of colours for the devices? Who knows.

Also, perhaps the fact that the invite is divided into four quadrants is some sort of reference to the fact that split-screen multitasking will be upped to four apps with the Tab range, as it currently is with the NotePRO 12.2. Okay, yes, we're flailing around in the dark here...

Anyhow, what is clear is that a new Tab device (or devices) is on the horizon, and we won't have long to wait to find out how Samsung is planning to bolster its slate offerings following the revelation of the Tab 4 family recently.