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Busy Apple releases OS X, iTunes, podcast update swarm

The sun is out and Apple is making the most of it – the Californian company has rolled out a bevy of updates across a broad swathe of its products, including tweaks to OS X, iOS podcasts and iTunes Connect.

Apple's tenth iteration of its Mac operating system, OS X, has been treated to a wave of security updates and performance tweaks.

These are good news for those running the OS on the latest Mac Pro and 15in Macbook Pro with Retina display. Those customers will enjoy better 4K display support, Safari 7.0.3 and improved syncing of contacts and calendars using a USB connection.

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Music lovers will be happy to hear that iTunes is being updates to version 11.2. This latest incarnation will find relevant podcasts for the listener more intuitively for desktop users, whilst on iOS podcasts will get Siri support allowing you to ask the virtual PA to play you a specific episode hands-free.

If all that wasn't enough, you can now save your favourite podcast episodes and auto-delete podcasts that you've listened to save space.

To download the updates, head over to the Mac App store or Apple's support site. Alternatively, take the less labour-intensive option and simply wait for the inevitable pop-up windows encouraging you to get updating.