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Google appoints fashion guru Ivy Ross to lead Glass revolution

Google's $1,500 pair of pricey smart specs has taken the world by storm, so it was only a matter of time before an official director was appointed to lead the Google Glass division.

The weighty task has fallen to Ivy Ross, former Chief Marketing Officer of It's an interesting choice that shines a bright spotlight on Google's preoccupation with the wearability of its wearable tech.

Ross is now charged with altering public perception and convincing the world that Google Glass can really be fashionable, and not just a toy for developers and technology geeks. Her experience with brands like Clavin Klein, Swatch, Gap and Coach is bound to come in useful, though Google will be the first technology company to grace her CV.

The move fits perfectly with Google's past endeavours. In September Vogue published a 12-page fashion spread entitled "Google glass and a futuristic vision of fashion" on behalf of the smart specs. New York fashion week also saw a bevy of Google Glasses adorn models on the runway, while America's National Basketball association is promoting the headset using its players.

The announcement of Ross's appointment comes in the same week that Google Glass went on sale to the US public, and in the wake of news that Google is attempting to broker a partnership with luxury glasses maker Luxottica to make Ray-Ban and Oakley versions of the wearable device.