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Mobile app of the day: Wunderlist

Sometimes you need a to-do list that lets you share tasks with other people. Perhaps you want one for work use, or for social activities like planning a party. Either way, ease of use is important – nobody really wants to faff about learning how to use an app if they can avoid it.

Wunderlist could be the ideal app for such situations. It works – and synchronises – across Android and iOS as well as having desktop clients for Mac and PC (plus it's accessible via the web). The basic to-do list style structure boasts a good array of features that include recurring to-dos, notifications, reminders, due dates and the ability to add notes. You can break large tasks down into smaller ones, and of course there's that sharing option which gives everyone the chance to see what needs to be done.

Behind all that is a simple user interface that is unfussy and uncluttered. The free version of the app is probably good enough for most people, but if you need features like commenting, delegating and file attachments, you can fork out some cash and get yourself a monthly or annual subscription to Wunderlist Pro.

Click here to download Wunderlist for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: Wunderlist

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free