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Samsung Galaxy S5 gold edition now available on Three

Those of you after a Galaxy S5 gold edition can now snag one on Three, with the network offering a range of plans for the handset with the golden touch.

Previously, the gold version was a Vodafone exclusive on UK networks, but that's (obviously) no longer the case, with Three now muscling in (incidentally, you can get the S5 in black, white and blue as well as gold).

Three's all-you-can-eat across the board (minutes, texts, data) plan costs £41 per month, with a £69 fee for the S5 handset. Or you can get a tariff for a slightly cheaper £38 per month if you're prepared to drop either your minutes to 600, or your data to 2GB (with the handset still setting you back £69 with both of these options). All of these plans include 4G (providing you're in an area with LTE coverage from Three, of course).

If you want to bag the copper gold S5 on PAYG, it'll cost £549, offering calls at 3 pence per minute, texts at 2 pence a pop, and data at a penny per MB.

Three also notes that 0800 calls on its network are free.

The Galaxy S5 has been a well-received phone in general, with plenty of critical acclaim in reviews, and according to Samsung it has racked up 11 million sales in the first month since it was released (beating out the S4 which hit 10 million).