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Adobe to consider compensation over Creative Cloud outage on “case-by-case basis”

Following a major outage to Creative Cloud in the middle of last week, Adobe has said that it will consider offering compensation to some of those affected.

According to Reuters, Adobe issued a statement via email to say that: "We take this matter seriously and compensation will be considered on a case-by-case basis."

In other words, those who were seriously affected should get in touch with Adobe (if they haven't already), and lay out exactly how the downtime hindered their business – if they have a strong enough case, some compensation could be gleaned. Adobe didn't mention what form the compensation would come in, and whether it would be free subscription time, monetary or otherwise (an "Adobe gave me Thursday off" T-shirt, perhaps).

Its cloud-based Creative suite was widely reported to have suffered 24 hours of downtime, but according to readers who got in touch with us, it was actually down from Wednesday afternoon through to the end of Thursday – one reader said it was 14:00 on Wednesday that the gremlins struck, which would represent a 34 hour outage. For those on business critical deadlines, this was obviously a big problem.

The outage was caused by an issue which emerged during database maintenance activity, although the exact nature of that issue hasn't been clarified. Adobe has, however, clarified that it wasn't security-related – some certainly cried "hack" during the downtime last week, given its length.

On the topic of security, the firm added the following additional snippet to its initial blog post explaining and apologising over the issue: "We want to assure you that this was not security related – none of your information or content was lost or exposed."

Well, that's certainly something; at least we haven't had a repeat of the security disaster Adobe suffered last October at the hands of hackers, which hit some 38 million users.