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LifeLock Wallet security scare removes app from all stores

LifeLock Wallet app has been forced out of every app store after a security alert also prompted it to remove all user data and shutter the popular Wallet app.

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The move means that the app will no longer be on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon Apps store and all user data has been removed as a precaution and not in response to there being a breach of any kind.

“We have determined that certain aspects of the mobile app may not be fully compliant with payment card industry (PCI) security standards,” stated Todd Davis, LifeLock Inc chairman and CEO, in a blog post. “For that reason, we are removing the LifeLock Wallet application from the App Store, Amazon Apps, and Google Play, and when users open the LifeLock Wallet, their information will be deleted in the app.”

The move, which has angered a large number of users, doesn’t affect LifeLock’s subscription identity services and is limited to the app. LifeLock bought Lemon Wallet back in December 2013 and rebranded it as LifeLock Wallet, and it works as a secure locker for payment card information and important information.

There is some comfort for users of the app left annoyed by the loss of data in the form of a workaround reported by The Next Web. It works by switching the phone to airplane mode before going into the app where the data can be accessed before it is wiped by the server. Although it’s recommended that once the information is backed up, the app should be allowed to delete the data to protect against the security flaw.

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A new version of LifeLock Wallet will be released in due course and Davis wanted to reassure customers that when it returns, safety would continue to be paramount in the company’s thoughts.