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Music service set to shut down on 19 May

Music services these days are everywhere. New ones pop up all the time, and some make it, while others fail. It's a tough business, given the amount of choices available to customers. Now we learn of one more that failed to find the niche it needed to be a successful business. has announced it will close up shop on 19 May. This didn't come as a major surprise - the company had given warning signs previously, but managed to keep things afloat a few additional months. However, now a blog post from the company tells the tale.

"Back in December, we announced we were going to shut down While we were able to keep it running for a few more months, unfortunately that is no longer the case. On Monday, May 19th, 4 days from now, we are going to shut down Exfm. This includes the website, mobile apps, extensions and API. We urge you to export your loved songs and sites now", the company says in a statement.

The service does not plan to go away, but instead promises to rethink its plans for the future, promising "we are very excited for what’s next and believe we will ultimately provide you with the best music service in the seven kingdoms".

We shall see what the future holds in store.

Image Credit: GrandeDuc / Shutterstock