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Oculus VR pilfers top Google Glass engineer to “build the metaverse”

Oculus VR has poached Google Glass’ top engineer Adrian Wong to further bolster its burgeoning development team.

Bit-tech reports that Wong, who was officially known as Professional Daydreamer at Google, will be in charge of “Building the Metaverse” at Oculus VR, according to his LinkedIn, and it’s likely this will be related to the company’s virtual reality MMO [massively multiplayer online] environment.

Wong’s appointment follows a glut of high profile developers joining the team including John Carmack being enlisted as CTO in August 2013 as well as a number of “experienced Id software developers” moving over in the space of the past month.

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Oculus VR has also acquired a handful of team members from Valve in its push for talent with Aaron Nicholls and Michael Abrash moving to work together with Atman Binstock, who ran a similar virtual reality headset project at Valve.

During three-and-a-half years at Google, Wong was working on both the explorer and consumer versions of Google Glass with Google and the Oculus likely to release a consumer version of each headset at the same time.

Oculus VR is one of the largest acquisitions in the technology sphere this year when Facebook was persuaded to part with $400 million [£241 million] in cash and $1.6 billion [£970 million] in Facebook shares to get its hands on the virtual reality gaming headset back in March. There is also an additional $300 million [£181 million] earn out in cash and stock that is based on various milestones being achieved.

It’s widely thought that Facebook’s purchase of the Oculus VR company back in March puts it on a collision course with Google Glass in the social networking space that will take the market on a very different course in the coming years.