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Rumour: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 RAM and storage sizes leaked, pricing starts at $799

Microsoft will release a number of different Surface 3 Pro models at a launch event tomorrow as more details leaked out following last week’s faux pas by the company itself.

The new tablet PC, which will boast a larger screen size of 12in, is the successor to the Surface Pro 2 and instead of being a refresh will have a considerably more impressive spec list than the earlier model, according to Windows Phone Central.

Information gleaned by the Windows news specialists includes the different processors, pricing and storage sizes across the range, and little more about the devices.

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The range will start with the Intel Core i3 processor model that has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage for $799 [£474]. Following that there are two Intel Core i5 processor versions with one including 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage coming in at $999 [£593] and the other with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage retailing at $1,299 [£771]. Lastly there are two Core i7 slates that both have 8GB of RAM but differ when it comes to the storage capacity, one having 256GB that costs $1,549 [£920] and the other with 512GB priced at $1,949 [£1,157].

There will also be a range of new covers to fit the larger sized device that will come in black, purple, cyan and red, with the latter colour-way thought to be exclusive to Microsoft Stores.

Details on the Surface Pro 3 have been eking out over the past few weeks and the most credible came in the form of a customer support document right from the horse’s mouth that mentioned a “Surface Pro 3 camera”.

All eyes will now be on tomorrow’s Microsoft event to see exactly what it has up its sleeve and whether there will be a Surface Mini tablet as well as the seemingly certain release of the Surface Pro 3.