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UK Renal Registry implements real-time patient reporting system

InterSystems has delivered a timely boost to the UK renal care system by announcing that the UK Renal Registry chose InterSystems HealthShare to provide its new national health informatics platform.

The deal will see the new system collect data from 84 adult and paediatric renal units plus satellite haemodialysis units across the country on 56,000 patients suffering from stage five chronic kidney disease [CKD]. It will mean that near real-time information on patients will be collected by the Renal Registry and standards of care improving as a result of greater data accuracy and more regular, consistent reporting.

“InterSystems HealthShare will allow us to gather more data, more accurately. The platform will also help us achieve our ambition to expand the registry to over one million CKD sufferers, which will include not just stage five patients, but also stages two to four,” stated Ron Cullen, director of the UK Renal Registry. “We also hope to use the platform to build new tools for clinicians and patients, such as a medicine reconciliation function, which will improve patient care as well as providing cost savings for the NHS.”

The previous system worked by gathering information using IT systems and then feeding the data into the UK Renal Registry on a quarterly basis. This was then manually validated, analysed and published in an annual report.

With the new HealthShare system the UK Renal Registry will have a daily data feed, a reduction in the need for human validation that therefore means greater accuracy, be able to produce detailed quarterly reports, and more easily track and maintain individual records.

HealthShare was chosen thanks to its scalability, time and cost savings from improved data accuracy, and the ability to provide almost real-time data, and the implementation is currently being completed by UK Renal Registry staff