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GAME throws giant Watch Dogs launch date party, and you're invited

Forget the witching hour, midnight on Monday 26 May is being rebranded as the "Watchdog Hour". GAME has confirmed that over 300 of its stores will throw open their doors that night as the clock strikes twelve for the official launch of Watch Dogs – Ubisoft's heavily anticipated open world action-adventure.

The main launch event will kick off at GAME'S Metrocentre store in Gateshead where a number of Ubisoft's developers – including Watch Dogs' animation director, Colin Graham – will be attending. If you live slightly further afield you can find a full list of participating stores here.

The nice folks at GAME are also including Watch Dogs in its "Get Gaming Quicker" scheme that allows fans to pre-purchase copies of the title from 21 May for speedy collection on the night.

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"Since Watch Dogs was announced at the E3 conference back in 2012, the anticipation for the launch has been huge, particularly as it's one of the great new IPs for the next generation platforms," GAME's category director Charlotte Knight said.

"We're certainly not letting the Bank Holiday stand in our way of a fantastic launch. With over 300 stores opening their doors it is the place to be to get your hands on the game first."

Having been in development since 2009, Watch Dogs allows the player to take control of Aiden Pearce, a highly skilled grey hat hacker who can hack into the fictionalised, hyper-connected city of Chicago, Illinois. In a dark projection of the Internet of Things gone bad, this grants him access to a huge range of electronic devices meaning he is able to siphon off information or take complete control of these systems all together.

Watch Dogs will launch on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStaion 3, PlayStation 4 and PC at the end of this month.