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US cyber-thief to face 20 years behind bars

A US cyber-thief behind a website that exploited stolen credit cards has been hit with a 20-year jail sentence.

David Ray Camez was a significant part of the team behind, shut down in 2010 by US law enforcement authorities.

At first faced with a seven year ruling, Camez left court with a lengthier sentence after he was found to have broken US racketeering laws.

Camez must also pay $20 million (£11.9m) in damages.

"Camez was a member of a vast criminal organization that facilitated rampant cyber fraud throughout the world," said the US Department of Justice in a statement. The ruling represents one of the longest sentences ever given to a cyber criminal.

Agents from the Homeland Security Investigations unit had gained access to Camez's site, prior to its removal. was used to traffic stolen payment cards and identities, said the DoJ.

The site had around 5,500 regular users, it said. The team are believed to have caused around $50 million in losses for many different card and payment firms.

The racketeering charges arose due to activity on the site's forums that recruited and educated people about computer and card fraud.

Companies as large as Google are wising up to an increased necessity to protect data from unwanted threats.

Camez is charged alongside 38 others for involvement in It's anticipated that 21 will also face a 20-year jail sentence for racketeering after pleading guilty, while others face shorter terms for lesser crimes.