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Facebook names StitcherAds to Preferred Marketing Developer Ads Incubator Program

StitcherAds has become one of the only firms to complete Facebook’s strenuous Preferred Marketing Developer Ads Incubator Program and has celebrated by announcing a new software-as-a-service platform.

Previously known as Betapond, the venture capital-backed platform helps online retailers put the right ad in the right place at the right time on the right device and is now certified by the social networking site to offer such a service.

“The savviest online retailers now realise that Facebook is a key channel for driving customer acquisition and incremental sales growth. Some of the very best now see Facebook as their most important DR channel with investments to back it up and StitcherAds, bringing to market the technology we refined onsite at Facebook’s campus, is making it easier for online retailers to grasp that opportunity before their competitors do.”

The new offering from StitcherAds is an affordable advertising suite that lets retailers create more consistent and measurable returns on Facebook advertising outlays, and it charges on a monthly basis rather than a percentage of ad spend basis.

“StitcherAds' focus on online retailers is a great example of how our PMD partner ecosystem is becoming more diverse, to better support the vertical-specific needs of advertisers. StitcherAds' engineering culture has a lot in common with Facebook's own and we were delighted to work with them,” stated Michael Randall, global director of Facebook’s preferred marketing developer program.

SticherAds claims to help online marketers in three different ways. One is that it is specifically geared towards saving time, secondly that it enables more comprehensive retargeting and lastly it has sophisticated rules-based optimisation.