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Game, set and perfect match: Wimbledon and IBM

For two weeks every year the Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis Club elevates itself from a private tennis club in a London suburb into the host of one of the world's most prestigious sporting events: the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

During Wimbledon fortnight, the club accommodates nearly half a million spectators onsite, while simultaneously meeting the needs of the world's sporting media. In 2012, the global audience for Wimbledon was estimated at an incredible 378.8 million people, in 198 different countries.

To remain the world's premier tennis event the club understands that it needs to build on its brand by increasing its reach to attract a more diverse audience. Yet in a world of ever growing choice and distractions this is quite a challenge.

That's where IBM comes in.

Download the rest of this whitepaper and find out how IBM solutions help enhance the experience for tennis fans and how these solutions can be applied to your business.