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Spotify hits 10 million subscribers, 40 million active users in total

Spotify has reached another milestone with its user base, as the music streaming service now boasts 10 million subscribers.

In total, Spotify has 40 million active users over 56 territories worldwide, and the company unveiled a guitar-shaped infographic to celebrate the occasion today, filled with, erm, fun facts. Well, facts, anyway.

Spotify said: "We're incredibly grateful to the thousands of artists and millions of music fans around the world who have helped us reach this point."

The statistics regarding Spotify usage include the fact that 1.5 billion playlists have been created since the service first kicked off, and 5 million of them are created or updated on a daily basis now.

Also, the busiest time for music streaming across the world is, on average, between 16:00 and 17:00 on a Thursday afternoon. We guess that's because folks are kicking back at the end of the workday and starting to feel that Friday feeling coming on (you might think Friday afternoon would be a more likely candidate – but maybe everyone's rushing to get their work finished before the weekend).

Spotify's position in the streaming music marketplace certainly looks very healthy, though it could face new heavyweight competition before long. Apple is reportedly about to pick up Beats, and one of the primary reasons for that acquisition would be the Beats music streaming platform launched earlier this year – which with Cupertino's muscle behind it, could be transformed into an entirely different beast.