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Google comes to Wales, with Chromebooks in schools

Google yn dod i ysgolion Cymru. Google continues to battle Windows and Office 365, trying to get its own products adopted in the market, focusing on education, business and governments. And Chromebooks have made inroads in this area.

Now the search giant announces it has scored a victory in Wales, bringing its platform to schools within the nation:

"Around the world, schools are finding innovative ways to use technology to break down the traditional walls of the classroom, while overcoming the challenges of higher academic standards and tighter budgets. Today, we’re pleased to share the stories from two schools in Wales who’ve gone Google to help them meet the demands of a modern-day education system" says Liz Sproat, head of education at Google.

The schools that have jumped on board include Gowerton and Coleg Cambria, and both are adopting Gmail, Apps and Chromebooks. "We’re very keen to deploy more Chromebooks. Students love them because they are intuitive to use and give them instant access to Google Apps,” states Darren Long, Teacher of ICT and ICT Coordinator at Gowerton.

This may be considered a small win, but each one adds up. And the battle is good for the consumers as both Google and Microsoft continue to innovate with their respective platforms.