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Moto 360 smartwatch to retail at $249

Motorola has accidentally let slip the price of its Moto 360, and it's pretty much in line with what we were expecting.

Phone Arena spotted that the asking price of the smartwatch was spilled when the company posted about a competition it was running to allow folks the chance to win the Moto 360, and in the T&Cs blurb, the device was mentioned as having a retail value of $249 (£148).

That certainly sounds about right, and this is a pretty tempting sounding price point – while it's not cheap, we knew it wouldn't be, and the Moto 360 is a premium looking affair. In our humble opinion, it's the first really good looking smartwatch which stands a chance of actually capturing some mass market share due to its appealing aesthetics. Motorola may have beaten Apple to the punch here, as there's still no sign of the iWatch.

While, as we've noted, the price translates to around 150 notes in our money, of course this won't be the case when the Moto 360 launches in the UK. It'll probably have a price in pounds very close to, or even equivalent to the US tag. That'll mean it isn't quite such good value this side of the pond, but it'll still stand up well against the Gear 2, which is pitched up towards the £300 mark at online retailers currently.

There's also the Android Wear rival, the LG G Watch to consider, though that doesn't quite hold the same appeal for us, not looking nearly as stylish as the Motorola effort.