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Yelp to introduce video clip uploads for reviews

Yelp, the online urban guide and review site, has decided to introduce a new feature that will allow reviewers to add videos to their critiques.

Users will be able to upload a short video clip to embellish their review (on the web, Android or iOS apps), and give a bit more of a sense of the atmosphere to a particular restaurant (or wherever) than a mere photo does.

The clips will only be short ones, though, Vine-style. Yelp is saying there'll be a maximum length of 12 seconds (and a minimum of 3 seconds), so this is just a brief glance. Of course, this is a necessity for folks using the Yelp app, who aren't going to want large video clips eating up their mobile data allowance – or indeed uploaders posting vids from their phone.

Yelp notes that in terms of photos, the majority of uploads actually come from mobiles, no less than 70 per cent (with 23,000 images uploaded daily).

The new video feature is due to roll out shortly, reaching Elite users first at the start of next month, with the rest of the Yelp user base following. Even if you can't upload clips to begin with in the first week of June, you will start seeing them appearing on other user's reviews.