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Apps help to boost employee productivity levels by a third

A new piece of research from claims that apps boost worker productivity levels considerably.

In fact, app usage apparently boosts productivity by some 34 per cent, according to the study which interviewed 470 staff members across small and large businesses in the UK.

60 per cent of British workers now use mobile apps during the course of their job, and 21 per cent use dedicated apps tailored to their department. Of those that use department-specific apps, 60 per cent of respondents said they'd witnessed an increase in their productivity thanks to the software.

The vast majority of those questioned – 90 per cent – felt that using apps had altered their behaviour as a business professional, presumably for the better.

The main bone of contention regarding apps in the workplace, at least according to this survey, was that the majority (59 per cent) also felt that their employer had been too sluggish in adopting apps within the workplace.

Miguel Milano, president of EMEA, commented: "Apps give employees real-time access to business-critical information no matter where they are, making them more productive and effective."

He further noted: "The European Commission announced in March that the European app industry will be worth €63 billion by 2018, an opportunity for Britain to grab."