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LG G3: All the latest news from the rumour mill

As ever with the smartphone industry, the rumours surrounding the LG G3 have been flying in thick and fast. With the launch date imminent – it's 27 May, which is next Tuesday – we thought we'd have a quick scan over the most prominent speculation concerning LG's incoming flagship.

One of the most recent leaks concerns the size of the handset, and an image posted by @evleaks (via BGR) which depicts the phone in a case, with the thickness being 13mm with the case on – suggesting that this could be a somewhat thicker handset than the usual high-end Android efforts. (See the image above).

The device may need the space for the battery – after all, we've actually heard confirmation that the LG G3 is going to do something special with the display, offering a 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, no less, on a 5.5in screen. That's an incredible 530 ppi, though it starts to get to the point where you wonder how sharp you need a 5.5in screen to be – and whether it's worth it in terms of the inevitable battery drain costs (or thicker, heavier handset for that larger battery). The G3 battery has been rumoured to be a 3,200mAh affair.

We'll only know how these sort of trade-offs pan out, and what the high-res display really looks like, when we get to go hands-on with the device next week.

Other core specs which have been recently rumoured are a Snapdragon 801 for the processor, backed with 3GB of RAM – the device will certainly need muscle to be able to deal with more intensive activities such as gaming with a 530 ppi screen. Indeed, there was talk of the Snapdragon 805 being on board the G3, but the latest gossip is that this won't happen – though you never know...

32GB of storage is expected, and the camera will purportedly be a 13 megapixel snapper from Sony's stable – an IMX124 Exmor RS sensor with an f/2.0 aperture to enable better shots in low light conditions, the traditional big enemy of smartphone photography. It will also boast optical image stabilisation and a dual-LED flash.

LG is also set to move away from the cheaper plastic chassis of the G2, with images pointing to a metal finish – or at least a quality looks-like-metal finish.

Costs may prevent a move to a metal chassis like the HTC One M8, as with that super-res display, LG is going to have trouble keeping the price down as it is. The G3 is rumoured to be pitched at a more expensive level than the G2 was (which launched at around £450), but hopefully it will still manage to just undercut the Galaxy S5.

Leaked pics of the rear of the phone also point to some form of sensor being next to the camera – so LG might also be going the way of the other high-end Android offerings with a health sensor (possibly a heart rate one like the Galaxy S5?).

This health-related speculation is backed up by the most recent thing we've seen – the revelation of the official QuickCircle case by LG (pictured above). The case has a circular window cut in the front to allow for quick access to certain features – including health stats.

We can't wait to see what LG has in store for us, and if you feel the same, then tune in to our live blog next Tuesday, when we'll have full coverage and analysis of the launch as it unfolds.

Image Credits: @evleaks, GSM Arena