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Samsung Music Hub will officially close on 1 July

Samsung Music Hub, the audio streaming service owned by Samsung, is set to completely shut down by 1 July.

Samsung users were alerted by email that the service "will no longer be available" with further updated information soon to be distributed.

The Korean company also announced that until 1 July users will still be able to download purchased music content through the service and will be free to spend outstanding Samsung Music vouchers.

In 2012, Samsung Electronics bought mSpot, an all-in-one mobile music service, which was then developed into the cloud-based music service, the Samsung Music Hub. Initially launched on the Samsung Galaxy S3 in May 2012, the Samsung Music Hub was marketed as a direct competitor to Apple iTunes.

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As a pre-installed service on Samsung's Android smartphones, Samsung Music and the Samsung Music Hub are under-used and considered to be bloatware, whereas other more widely-used downloadable apps are cheaper and accessible via the Google Play Store.

There has been no news yet of any further shutdowns of Samsung's pre-installed mobile apps, such as Video, Books, Games, Learning or Apps Mobile.

Image Credit: Flickr [Samsung Mobile USA)