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Tech News Weekly podcast 19: NSA vs Cisco and Facebook takes over the world

In this week's Tech News weekly podcast podcast we hear about the new un-blockable fingerprinting technology online marketeers are using to get around blocking cookies (no, no not bakery kind.)

Then you may have thought that we've had enough spy stories to last a lifetime (or at least until November), but we discuss a crazy story about the NSA intercepting Cisco customer orders to add monitoring bugs. Not only that, we dissect the news that five Chinese army unit hackers have been indited by the FBI and the latest news from Facebook including their rumoured Snapchat rival and new "ASK" app.

Joining Wayne Scott this week is Aatif Sulleyman, Alysia Judge, Paul Cooper and Tom Phelan.

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Articles Discussed this week:

{MPU Placeholde

Cookies blocked, but fingerprints exposed: The new tech taking over online ad placement

Raging Cisco CEO slams Obama after NSA is caught sneaking spy bugs into products.

Faceslap: Facebook swipes at Snapchat with "Slingshot" video messaging app.

Facebook peer pressures your data out of you with new "ask" feature

How 5 Chinese hackers stole American companies' most closely-guarded secrets