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Vodafone cuts prices on budget phones including Motorola Moto G and Galaxy S3 Mini

Vodafone has announced a new initiative which further cuts prices on low-end handsets, in an attempt to bring smartphones to a wider audience.

The Affordable Smartphone Campaign sees reductions on a number of phones on both PAYG and Vodafone pay monthly tariffs, with the offers set to run until the end of June.

And the promotion includes the already very affordable Vodafone Smart 4 mini, the own-brand handset having its price cut from £50 to £45 on PAYG.

Other PAYG reductions include the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, which has been reduced from £150 to £120, and for Windows Phone fans, the Nokia Lumia 520, which dips from £75 to £65.

The Galaxy S3 Mini has also had its contract price reduced from £17 per month to £13. Other pay monthly cuts include the popular Moto G, Sony Xperia E1 (pictured), and HTC Desire 310, which have all been reduced from £13 per month to £11.

The Moto G is certainly a tempter at a smidge over a tenner per month.

As an added bonus, PAYG folks buying their first Freedom Freebee while the offer runs (until the end of next month, as we've mentioned) will get 30 days of unlimited data. Contract customers will receive Vodafone's Data Test Drive which offers all-you-can-eat data for three months, and then an evaluation of whether your plan has enough data allowance for you. Yep, you'll doubtless be persuaded you need an upgrade... but three months of unlimited mobile surfing can't really be argued with.