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Spotlight on Kickstarter: Ergo Book iPad case

Tablets have forever changed the landscape of computing. An entire industry has been formed from Apple's tablet alone - iPad cases. Yes, cases for the tablet are very abundant from many manufacturers. A search on Amazon results in a smorgasbord of options, such as colour, size and of course price.

Unfortunately, the market is so flooded that it is nearly impossible to impress with a new case. Surprisingly, a company called Acme Made has done just that with the Ergo Book. It is an extremely svelte case, for which the manufacturer is seeking funding from Kickstarter. Will you back it?

Acme Made boasts: "A 17mm-thin design snugly protects your iPad and contains an almost impossible amount of features in such a small package. Maximum function meets ultimate minimalism with the hidden QuickSpin 360 rotation feature, which allows you to view and share your iPad from any angle. In creating the Ergo Book, Acme Made was committed to providing the best functionality while preserving a clean aesthetic. Early backers can be the first to experience the Ergo Book for iPad Air for $40 [£24] or Ergo Book iPad mini Retina display for $35 [£21] on Kickstarter until 16 June."

Acme Made lead designer Luis Quehl further explains: "When the Ergo Book was just an idea, we thought about the features it needed to make a case that had everything, not just a case with one good thing. We had no regard to whether it was possible. We knew what it had to do and figured it out. It's like that fortune cookie that says 'The person who says it can't be done should get out of the way for the person who will do it.'"

The company touts the following benefits:

  • StretchFlex Strap for ergonomic use: Easy for hand grip, presentation and portability
  • QuickSpin 360 allows for use in Portrait, Landscape and Typing modes: Rotate your iPad 360 degrees and use it in any way you want without an ugly bezel or thick rotation mechanism
  • Frame slides out for easy photo taking: Protects the camera when not in use and keeps the design clean without an unsightly camera hole in the back
  • Super-slim design: Offers secure protection and is only 17mm thick!
  • Smooth and stain-resistant SatinShell cover: The SatinShell gets its good looks from a custom, high quality polyurethane laminate
  • Precision Moulded and secure fitting frame: Keeps your iPad secure and easy to put in and take out
  • Sleep/Wake magnet function: Conserves battery

In the video on the Kickstarter page, you can see that it is not form over function; the case looks extremely useful. The slide and spin mechanism is genius - so much so, that you wonder why the big boys like Logitech and Belkin never thought of it.

The most impressive thing, though, is the photography aspect. While many consider using an iPad for pictures and video a faux pas, I disagree. It only looks odd. The best camera is the one you have access to and if that is a tablet, so be it. The Ergo Book's slide mechanism and hand strap allows the user to hold the iPad comfortably and securely when taking pictures (and not look odd doing it). This has the added benefit of protecting the lens when not in use.

If you are interested, you can back the project here. If you do pull out your credit card, tell me about it in the comments.