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After Nest acquisition, Google may snap up Dropcam

Google is reportedly looking to move even further move into our homes with a rumoured acquisition of camera startup Dropcam, according to The Information.

This would add to the company's $3.2 billion (£1.9bn) purchase of smart thermostat maker, Nest, back in January.

The status of talks between the two companies is uncertain however.

Launched back in 2009, Dropcam creates video cameras that save to the cloud, allowing for easy remote access to footage. The startup has recently developed waterproof Tabs, which can detect motion in places where a camera cannot be installed.

In 2013, the San Francisco startup announced a $30 million (£17.8m) round of venture funding.

Those behind Dropcam believe that "you should be able to drop in on anything, be it your child, your pet or your house, from anywhere". The company's main product was in fact inspired by one of the founders' father's desire to monitor unsuspecting dogs' activity in his garden.

Dropcam investor Trae Vassallo, of Kleiner Perkins, said last year how "Dropcam can do for surveillance cameras what Nest did for the thermostat."

Apple is also to move into the smart home market, according to the Financial Times. Its "smart home" software platform should allow users to control smart devices from their iPhone.