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LG G3 launch as it happened: Live reaction, analysis and specs

LG is just few hours away from finally launching its much-awaited LG G3 smartphone, and ITProPortal will be on hand with minute-by-minute coverage of the whole event.

Rumoured to be one of the biggest smartphone releases of the year, LG is preparing to launch the G3 today at numerous locations around the world. One of them will be in London, so join us at 17:00 GMT for live coverage of the LG G3 launch where we'll bring you details on specs, price, release date and features as they happen.

This has already been one of the leakiest launches of the year, with LG Netherlands' website briefly slipping out the product page for the LG G3, and letting slip some key specs. So we're expecting a 5.5in AH-IPS LCD QHD display, a 13-megapixel rear camera with OIS+, laser autofocus and dual-LED flash, a new 'Touch & Shoot' camera UI, and a lightweight metallic casing.

Excited yet? So are we!

We will also be streaming the event live on camera, so stick with us for all the coverage you need!

  • 28 May
  • 11:28

    Check out our first impressions of the LG G3 New York launch, as well as a full breakdown of what we thought with the phone in our hands. We've also put together an easy-to-read spec sheet.

    Is this a phone that can appeal to Android experts and newbies alike?

  • 10:06

    So what do people think of the new LG G3? Can Apple even keep up with the iPhone 6?

  • 27 May
  • 22:36

    Tah dah! One LG G3 hands-on review coming right up - check out our first impressions of the flagship handset here.

  • 22:36

  • 21:13

    Uh-oh. Those Wi-Fi issues seem to preventing us from uploading our hands-on review. We're just going to pop out, find a decent connection and we'll be back with you as soon as possible. Hang on!

  • 20:58

    A few words from the folks at Carphone Warehouse now, who sound very excited about the LG G3: "Fans of LG's G series are typically more tech savvy than the average customer and the G3 certainly doesn't disappoint in terms of high end specifications. LG has somehow managed to cram an incredible 5.5in Quad HD screen, super-fast processor and top spec camera into one relatively lightweight handset with impressive and long lasting battery power. We're predicting that this will be the geek chic device of 2014 that customers will want to snap up."

  • 20:50

  • 20:14

    Right guys, we've just peeled our hands off the G3 and are currently writing up a beautiful first impressions piece about the smartphone. Are you expecting big things?

  • 20:00

    What's better, the LG G3 or the Google Nexus 5? There's only one way to find out...

  • 19:50

    By the way guys, we haven't completely forgotten about pricing and availability. We're just having a snoop around and we'll let you know as soon as we get confirmation.

  • 19:31

    Step up to the plate, Sony. Check out the LG G3 vs Xperia Z2 showdown.

  • 19:29

    By the way, Three has just confirmed that it will be one of the carriers selling the LG G3.

  • 19:14

    I told you didn't I? How does the LG G3 stack up against the mighty Samsung Galaxy S5? You know what to do.

  • 19:06

    More are on their way...

  • 19:06

    By the way, check out our freshly-published LG G3 vs Apple iPhone 5S spec comparison.

  • 19:04

    We've also got violet and red. Ooo-er.

  • 19:04

    Oh wait, there's a couple more colours too.

  • 19:00

    By the way, it's available in black, gold and white models.

  • 18:58

    Getting ready for the hands-on scrum...

  • 18:56

  • 18:55

    Now they're plugging dedicated accessories. They look a bit naff, but you can't blame them for trying.

  • 18:54

    The G3 comes with a Kill Switch!

  • 18:52

    It'll save some people time, I guess, but it seems like quite a proscribed experience.

  • 18:51

    Some of these features seem like just bringing popular apps onto the phone as native technologies.

  • 18:51

    G3 smart security lets you use a couple of neat theft prevention techniques.

  • 18:51

  • 18:50

    Stolen phone solutions? We're all listening...

  • 18:49

  • 18:47

    G3 will remind you if you haven't called someone back yet. Sounds annoying! I hope you can switch it off...

  • 18:47

  • 18:44

    Can't help but think that the iPhone 6 is going to have to do something pretty amazing to beat this new generation of smartphones.

  • 18:44

    Some pretty interesting swiping patterns for the LG G3's smart keyboard. Quite disruptive, possibly.

  • 18:42

  • 18:41

    "A Nielssen study had shown that we use our smartphone keyboard every 5 minutes."

  • 18:40

    Here's Andy Coughlin, UK and Ireland head of mobile, to talk about user experience.

  • 18:39

  • 18:39

    Controlling the keyboard height seems to be a big deal for LG. Nice feature, though!

  • 18:38

  • 18:37

    "Through thoughtful design, we've shown that even a 5.5in smartphone can be comfortable to hold."

  • 18:37

  • 18:35

    The GUI looks pretty nice! Very simple - who would have guessed?

  • 18:35

    There's some serious babble going on about the perfection of circles.

  • 18:34

    All about design now.

  • 18:34

    Unfortunately, da Vinci couldn't make it tonight.

  • 18:34

    Getting the big guns out now...

  • 18:32

    Samsung could really get on board with this simplicity lark...

  • 18:31

  • 18:31

    "If you shoot video at a noisy club or concert, G3 automatically finds the right audio levels to record."

  • 18:29

    "G3 is super for selfies" - you can just raise your hand to take a photo of yourself.

  • 18:29

    It was only a matter of time wasn't it? We're talking about selfies now...

  • 18:28

  • 18:27

    This guy's blowing my mind right now.

  • 18:27

    "While we've introduced more sophisticated technology, we've also simplified it."

  • 18:27

    The laser auto-focusing "uses the same technology as police speed cameras" and takes 0.276 seconds to focus - less time than it takes to blink.

  • 18:26

  • 18:24

    They're also including the interesting "knock to unlock" feature.

  • 18:24

  • 18:24

    "LG has squeezed a 5.5in screen into a more normal-sized phone due to our class-leading screen-body ratio."

  • 18:23

  • 18:22

    "With G3 there is simply no compromise."

  • 18:22

    "The battery of G3 is about 20% more efficient thanks to adaptive clocking innovations."

  • 18:22

    "To incorporate a full hd screen you need to up the battery power. That might be the case for other full hd displays. But not with the G3."

  • 18:21

  • 18:20

    "Not all full hd displays were created equal..."

  • 18:20

    I don't think it counts if you blow the pixels up so the image is 6ft high...

  • 18:20

    "If the human eye couldn't discern the difference, you wouldn't be able to see it."

  • 18:20

    He's showing us examples on the screen.

  • 18:18

    All about clarity so far.

  • 18:17

  • 18:17

    "There's a common misconception that the human eye can only discern display quality up to 300ppi. But that's not true. This is LG's first quad-HD display. And it redefines real."

  • 18:16

    No buttons on the side, to make it easier to hold.

  • 18:15

    Marshall: "people want advanced technology, but only if it offers real value to their lives, and is simple."

  • 18:15

    Now James Marshall, the head of mobile product marketing, is choking to tell us a little more.

  • 18:14

    As expected, the display is QHD!

  • 18:14

    Cool looking stereo headset with retractable earbuds too!

  • 18:14

  • 18:13

    Camera has OIS+, and there's a 1 watt speaker with bass booster.

  • 18:12

    Now we're getting a more detailed rundown of the phone's core technologies.

  • 18:12

  • 18:11

    "Your life will be simpler with G3, and you're life will be smarter with G3!"

  • 18:11

    "When you hold G3 it feels perfect, because there are no buttons on the side."

  • 18:11

    LG is really showing off the G3's laser-focusing camera.

  • 18:11

    "G3 makes everything look better fit your eyes."

  • 18:11

    "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you LG G3!"

  • 18:10

    Woo is holding the phone up like Simba in the Lion King.

  • 18:07

    They've both disappeared from the stage... now a video! They're leaving nothing to chance.

  • 18:06

  • 18:06

    LG is promising to "get more from less"

  • 18:06

    "People don't want to have to read the manual to use their smartphones. The best concept must be intuitive."

  • 18:04

    Woo: We found that what people wanted was not complexity, but simplicity."

  • 18:04

  • 18:04

    And we've got Dr. Ramachan Woo, head of smartphone planning here in London to present the phone for us.

  • 18:03

    Pollyanna Woodward is hosting the show.

  • 18:02

    There's some serious surround sound going on here. My ears hurt.

  • 18:02

    Is the phone a cognitive machine!?

  • 18:01

    "Learning from you" is what LG has kicked off with, along with some crazy Hollywood movie trailer music.

  • 18:01

    Show time.

  • 18:01

    Everyone's been told to put their phones on silent.

  • 17:58

    So the dramatic music begins...

  • 17:58

    LG has just announced that they're ready "to get this show on the road"!

  • 17:53

    Rain seems to have delayed a lot of the journalists coming in from around Europe, so we could be looking at a bit of a late start. You can't blame them for not keeping up with ITProPortal!

  • 17:51

    The huge screen in front of us keeps flashing in a burnished metal design, so we're guessing LG is really foregrounding the build quality of the G3.

  • 17:50

    In what seems to be standard pre-launch fashion, LG is playing some crazy samba funk while we all wait twiddling our thumbs.

  • 17:46

    Managed to grab seats pretty much right at the front. Elbows were designed for this reason only.

  • 17:45

    We're pretty smug right now.

  • 17:43

  • 17:11

  • 17:07

    Things will be kicking off in full here at exactly 18:00 GMT - so we'll be using our elbows to get the prime spot for when LG lifts the lid on the G3.

  • 17:07

    Having battled through a rain-soaked Battersea park, we're setting up shop here as journalists from around the world leave damp footprints on the red carpet and head straight to the tea station.

  • 15:58

    Well we're just packing up and are about to move our operations over to Battersea where the official LG G3 launch will be kicking off later. Meet you back here in an hour!

  • 15:42

    What does it mean? Could LG be hinting at a stripped back smartphone? One thing's for sure, we're pretty excited by the hint of a polished metal chassis á la HTC One M8.

  • 15:40

  • 15:40

    Our invite to tonight's event (which is one of six launches taking place around the world - the LG G3 will be unveiled in San Francisco, London, New York, Seoul, Singapore and Istanbul) is intriguing in itself.

  • 14:23

    That's just our first-glance impression though - we'll be sure to get our hands on one properly alongside the G3 itself at the main event tonight.

  • 14:21

    These interactive cases have often prized functionality over aesthetics, but the LG G3 QuickCircle looks to break the mould with its colour range and stylish circular interface.

  • 14:19

    Interactive cases are nothing new to the market - the HTC One M8 launched with the "Dot View" cover that provided lightweight protection as well as clever notification and gesture support (check out our full review of the case here.)

  • 14:17

  • 14:17

    We bet that some of the features customers will be able to enjoy via their QuickCircle case will include checking the time, placing calls, sending text messages, taking photos, listening to music or (fingers crossed) getting health updates.

  • 14:15

    LG has also let slip one of its accessories for the LG G3 - the QuickCircle case. With a folder-style design, the case should allow users to use various features of their G3 without having to open the cover.

  • 13:44

    Will the LG G3 include this in vogue technology in an attempt to compete with its rivals? Or will it steer clear of biometrics due to their potential vulnerabilities? We'll find out in a few hours, but in the meantime our poll below is curious to find out just how much you care about biometric technology in your mobile devices:

  • 13:40

    Still, just days after the iPhone 5S announced the "secure" TouchID finger print scanner, it was hacked simply by photographing a user's fingerprint that was left on a glass surface and creating a latex recreation of said fingerprint.

  • 13:37

    Biometrics are all the rage at the moment, with both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple's iPhone 5S boasting technology that reacts to your body, including finger print scanners for unlocking your phone and making mobile payments.

  • 13:34

    Back in February we heard reports from Softpedia that the LG G3 will also be the first smartphone by the South Korean manufacturer featuring biometric technology.

  • 13:09

    Leaked images have tipped some pretty tasty-looking photo software packed into the LG G3. Could this be the fabled 'Touch & Shoot' camera UI?

  • 13:07

    Oh and here's a heads up: we will also be streaming the official launch tonight live on camera straight to ITProPortal, so stick with us for blow by blow coverage.

  • 12:52

    Needless to say, the image has now been removed (and most likely the unfortunate employee who let them slip too.)

  • 12:51

    In the meantime, check out this leaked photo of the brand new LG G3 smartphone courtesy of the Dutch arm of LG who let slip the image and all the specs ahead of the official launch today.

  • 12:48

  • 12:34

    What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comment section below or give us a nudge on Twitter @ITProPortal - we'll see if any of your predicted features are realised later tonight!

  • 12:22

    What really has us gnawing our knuckles in glee is whispers of a 5in display with a 2560 x 1440 resolution - that's 530 ppi and seriously sharp.

  • 12:12

    Check out our full breakdown of the embarrassing leaks that have marred the launch day of the LG G3. Or were they released on purpose? You never can trust these sneaky phone companies...

  • 11:07

    According to leaks, the LG G3 is expected to arrive in two variants. While the cheaper version would flaunt a plastic build with 2GB of RAM, the premium build might boast the metal design and 3GB of RAM. Could be a game-changer.

  • 11:06

    Let's get this thing rolling! And what better way to start than this teaser video straight from LG. Did anyone say brushed metal finish?