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Google’s Nexus 8 to be revealed soon, and could feature a 64-bit chip

Apparently Google does have an 8in slate on the cards, and the larger Nexus variant may be a 64-bit tablet – or that's the latest rumour.

This is nothing new, of course. We've been hearing rumours of an 8in Nexus (or indeed an 8.9in model) for a while now, with Google apparently set to scale up from the current 7in Nexus, and take on the iPad mini.

The latest gossip comes from tech community Myce (via Phone Arena), which asserts that there is a Nexus 8, and its unveiling is drawing near – Google I/O is, of course, just around the corner in June. Myce believes that the tablet has been posted about as a test device called "flounder", one of the usual fishy Google codenames (which has previously appeared in the AOSP code – complete with a dev note that it shouldn't have). Google has since stripped references to flounder in the posts, which the site argues clearly shows it wants this kept a secret. That's certainly a fair enough conclusion to draw.

There have also been references to the use of a Tegra processor, and a mention that the slate will sport a 64-bit CPU.

The evidence mounts, then; but this is still pretty speculative bits and pieces being pulled together. If a Nexus 8 is poised for a reveal in a month's time, we'd expect some juicier leaks to be emerging very soon indeed.