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LG G3 smartphone to land in UK from 1 July

LG has just unveiled its new flagship device, and it's coming to the UK at the start of July.

LG has confirmed that the UK release date for the G3 is 1 July, so we've got just over a month to wait – though nothing official has been said about the pricing yet. Some UK networks have already revealed that they'll be carrying the phone, though not necessarily on the first day of July.

Three has announced on its blog that it will be stocking the LG G3 complete with 4G for those who live in an area with LTE coverage from the network, and it said the device has "amazing battery performance and quad HD display". However, it didn't reveal any specific timing or other details beyond this.

O2 also took to its blog page to announced that it would be selling the phone from early July; so not 1 July, then, but there shouldn't be much of a wait. The G3 will be available on the O2 Refresh contract, a tariff that splits your monthly charge into a phone plan and an airtime (service) plan, allowing you to potentially upgrade your phone mid-term, separate to your airtime plan. Though hopefully the G3 will last the course of two years given the hardware it's packing.

Carphone Warehouse also has the G3 up on its "coming soon" page, where you can register your interest in the device, and get the company to contact you when it becomes available. The CW website currently says the phone is "expected: June 2014" but that may refer to when pre-orders go live, which is supposed to happen shortly.

The G3 has a super-sharp 5.5in display which boasts a resolution of 2560 x 1440 and a pixel density of 538ppi – and looks very tasty to say the least, going by our first impressions. But the phone isn't all about hardware, but also the software, as we observed in our closer look at the LG G3: A smartphone that will appeal to Android experts and newbies.

We also have a very revealing hands-on with the LG G3 which you might want to read.