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Microsoft's Lumianaut trolls invade Heathrow airport: Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5 not out of this world

The last year or so has been a fairly painful period in Nokia's history, but it looks like the company has finally rediscovered its mojo, albeit as a Microsoft subsidiary.

The smartphone manufacturer, which now acts as the devices unit of Satya Nadella's Redmond-based tech monster, has attacked rival mobile firm Samsung in style.

The South Korean behemoth, which released its flagship Galaxy S5 earlier this year, recently decided to take over Heathrow Terminal 5 for marketing purposes, renaming it the "Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5" in the process. Microsoft saw this as a great opportunity to get one over on its rival – and it took it.

The company sent a group of "Lumianauts" to the airport - dressed head-to-toe in Lumia-branded spaceman gear - and had a little fun at Samsung's expense.

"Lumias have been shot into orbit not once, but twice in the last couple of years," read a post on the company's blog. "Imagine how excited we were then to learn that you can now reach 'the Galaxy' via Heathrow's Terminal 5. This weekend, to make the most of this stellar opportunity, we sent four intrepid Lumianauts to Europe's busiest airport."

It then outlined how the individuals in question headed onwards in excitement, only to be met with disappointment.

"Once the brave Lumianauts stepped foot in to the brand new terminal, though, they quickly learned that there was no such thing as a flights to 'the Galaxy'. Rather, the terminal had taken over by advertising for another mobile phone company. With constellation map in-hand they bowed their heads in disappointment and rang HQ, 'Microsoft...we have a problem.'"

As far as we're aware, Samsung hasn't yet responded to the jibes but Nadella would be well-advised to keep an eye on Microsoft HQ's doorstep, and maybe seal the letterbox.

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