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NHS ditches Microsoft, Google Apps drastically improves Clinical Research Network

The Clinical Research Network (CRN), an NHS body, has claimed that moving away from Microsoft towards Google has improved communications and collaborations.

The organisation is part of the Department of Health’s (DoH) National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and is operated by a contract with the University of Leeds.

It delivers information systems and business intelligence to thousands of research-related NHS staff and is responsible for recruiting participants for clinical studies and trials.

While speaking to the UK press, CRN’s CIO Richard Corbridge explained that he made the decision to move the organisation onto Google Apps.

Corbridge claimed that the opportunities in doing so are “massive” and he was able to move everyone from Microsoft SharePoint to Google within two months.

He did note that there were challenges at first, such as Gmail not offering storage folders as Outlook does, but it was the collaboration element that provided the benefits.

Corbridge claims that by using Google Apps, people within his organisation can now work from home and CRN is now operating much closer to the way it needs to operate.

Whitehall is currently championing the use of open source within the public sector, with Francis Maude claiming it opens up the market to smaller suppliers.

The Government Digital Service (GDS) announced earlier this month that it was attempting to bring Google’s open source offerings to government.