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Box debuts free cloud storage service for non-profits

Box wants to help non-profits get the most from cloud-based technologies through a new initiative that offers cloud storage for free.

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The cloud storage company announced that would offer 10 Box licences free of charge to eligible non-profits with medium to large non-profits able to benefit from significant discounts on a larger number of licences.

“In recent years, we’ve noticed enormous potential for IT innovation in the nonprofit sector. While nonprofits experience the same complexity and demand as any global business when it comes to sharing and managing information, they’re all too often held back by limited IT resources, understaffed teams and lower budgets,” read a press release explaining the decision.

For those larger non-profits that need more than the 10 free licences there will be a 50 per cent discount for further licenses and has already published an extensive document that defines those firms that are able to take advantage of the scheme.

“Organisations eligible for the programme have a declared and verifiable charitable or philanthropic mission to benefit communities that could include, but not limited to, providing relief to the poor, advancing civil society, delivering education, preserving culture, restoring the environment and championing human rights,” read the terms and conditions.

UK firms that want to be a part of the scheme must have a Charity Commission or Community Interest Companies’ registration number in addition to a memorandum of association.

To push ahead with programme Box has enlisted Bryan Breckenridge as’s executive director and he brings a wealth of experience that has seen similarly successful schemes at the likes of LinkedIn and Salesforce.

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LinkedIn’s Volunteer Marketplace has already proved popular in the non-profit sector as it allows those in the sector to fill job vacancies with appropriate professionals and Box will be hoping for a similar uptake in the coming weeks and months.