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Google launches Chromecast in six new countries

Last year, in fact, almost one year ago, Google unveiled Chromecast. The tiny HDMI dongle was a surprise addition to the latest Nexus 7 announcement, but launched in the US only. However, over the course of its existence, the company has been slowly rolling it out across other regions.

Now Google is announcing its latest round of nations, telling us "these countries are home to some of the biggest fans of online content in the world, and the smartphone is one of the most popular ways for them to access it".

Regions included in this latest roll out are Australia, Belgium, Japan, Korea, Portugal and Switzerland. "Chromecast is open to developers worldwide, so you’ll find a range of great TV shows, movies, music and more from local app developers", says Google's Suveer Kothari.

In all of the new regions, Google promises the Chromecast is available now, both online, as well as in local retail stores. Pricing wasn't specified, but should inline with the $35 (£58) that Chromecast carries in the US.