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Government's Land Registry praised for agile fraud detection

The Land Registry’s Property Alert service has been praised for the progress it has made in the three months since its live roll-out.

The service won an award last week in the Real IT Awards “Innovation in Business” category after judges praised its focus on the user.

Property Alert, an Internet-based property monitoring system aimed to help prevent identity fraud, has been applauded for its integration of Whitehall policies with open source technologies.

The service is often used when elderly owners have left empty properties by being in hospital or a care home, by landlords and for high value properties.

If a formal request is received to change details such as the registered title or an official search is made on a certain property, users can sign up to receive alerts when this happens.

The Land Registry claims to be committed to delivering value for money without compromising on social and economic requirements, which is why they chose to offer the service for free.

Around 8000 users have currently signed up to the service, which is funded by the organisation’s commercial areas.

“It is an excellent example of a public body providing a public service that tackles a real problem for homeowners, delivering value and peace of mind to those who are often the most vulnerable members of the public, rather than achieving a return on investment,” claimed Land Registry CIO Rowland Combs.

“The Land Registry clearly made significant effort to understand customer and business needs and problems and responded to those by creating an innovative new digital service,” said judges at the awards.

“Furthermore, [it] challenged their technical teams to alter their skill sets, challenging [its] comfort zones and asked [it] to rapidly adopt new central government strategies around open source technologies.

“It is evident that there was clear focus on achieving benefits for [its] customers and organisation,” they added.