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HP Vertica Dragline promises expanded, faster and more cost-effective big data analytics

HP has launched a new version of its Vertica Analytics Platform that it claims can offer a faster, expanded and more cost effective big data analytics service to what is currently available.

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HP Vertica Dragline allows companies to store data in a way that is cost effective, offers a quick and effective way to explore data using SQL-based tools, and lays on customer insights and operational advantages through its speed, accuracy and security.

“Our goal continues to be maximizing the value of every organization’s most strategic asset—its data,” said Colin Mahony, VP and general manager, Vertica, HP. “HP Vertica Dragline lets organizations store data in a cost-optimized manner, exploring it quickly and effectively using well-known SQL-based tools, and, most importantly, providing the customer insights and operational advantages to everyone with blazing-fast speed, accuracy and security.”

There are a range of features that now come as a part of the HP Vertica Dragline package including HP “Project Maverick” technology, expanded SQL-on-Hadoop exploration and cost-optimised storage, specialised analytics, and text search.

Technology from HP Project Maverick includes Live Lookups, which enhances speed and performance of the most frequent and highly concurrent queries by computing metrics on the data when it arrives. HP Dynamic Workload Management also adapts and identifies varied levels of queries before assigning the right level of resources to address it.

An extended range of broad and specialised analytics comes as part of the package with a new sentiment analysis engine for tweets and other pieces of shortform text as well as geospatial analytic enhancements. Text search can also be employed to search through a wide selection of text data such as machine logs and sentiment analysis of short text like tweets and product reviews.

HP Vertica Dragline also supports the analytics needed to increase market share and allow competitive differentiation, preserve hardware and system resources, predict and prevent customer churn through rich social media and deliver personalised marketing.