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Mobile app of the day: Spotify

If you have only heard of one music related streaming service it is almost certainly going to be Spotify. With web, tablet, computer and smartphone access you are sorted whatever platform you are using, and the £9.99 monthly subscription that adds value to the free service runs across all your devices.

Spotify has been around for a long time, but Windows Phone users received a recent update that allows them to use Spotify Radio, Browse and Discover modes. What are they? Use Browse to find playlists for different types of occasions or to suit your mood. Use Discover to get recommendations of music you may like. Use Radio to create your own stations based on favourites, or select from a number of pre-configured ones, then sit back and enjoy the stream.

The downside for Windows Phone users is that none of this is possible without stumping up that £9.99 monthly subscription. Meanwhile Android and iPhone users get access to free features, but can also opt to take the upgrade path.

Click here to download Spotify for Android, or here for iOS, or here for Windows Phone.

Product: Spotify

OS: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Price: Free (in-app purchase required for Windows Phone)