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Whitepaper: Ensuring a successful PC refresh by leveraging data protection

Use Case: HP Connected® Backup - Ensuring a successful PC refresh by leveraging data protection

Industries such as finance, banking, healthcare, and government run mission-critical applications that are vital to daily operations. When system upgrades are required, the time required to perform these upgrades can visibly impact a user's day-to-day operations and have financial implications should the PC refresh process hit a glitch. Adopting a strategy to ensure successful and streamlined PC refresh is critical to these organizations.

With support for Windows XP due to formally end in April 2014, Microsoft will no longer offer the security upgrades that protect XP users from newly emerging viruses, spyware, and other malware. To mitigate rising support costs, reduced user productivity, and increased security vulnerability that could result with continued use of legacy Windows XP systems, many organizations are refreshing their laptop/PC assets with updated Windows 7- or Windows 8-based systems.

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