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Windows Phone 8.1 voice assistant Cortana coming to the UK “soon”… ish

Windows Phone's answer to Siri – the voice assistant Cortana – is apparently due to arrive in the UK before too long.

As you may know, Cortana has gone live over in the US, albeit in beta form, but it needs considerable localisation work for other markets – hence it hasn't kicked off in the UK (or anywhere else) yet, though it's promised for here (and China) next. Indeed, the word upon Cortana's unveiling was that it would beta in the UK before the end of 2014.

However, yesterday the official Windows Phone UK Twitter account tweeted a very succinct message. It simply said "soon" over a screenshot of Cortana's circular icon – implying that, well, the release of Cortana for the UK will be soon enough.

The message was then descended upon by a ton of Twitter users asking the obvious question: "How soon is soon?" (which could be a follow-up hit for Morrissey, perhaps).

And, amazingly enough, Windows Phone UK finally answered one of them this morning. @Vicki_laughs asked "soon as in...?" and they replied "later in 2014!"

Which isn't really much of a revelation – seeing as we already knew this back at the Cortana reveal, as we just mentioned.

However, the tweet would seem to indicate that we will perhaps see the Cortana beta before the year is closing out, at least. And maybe even earlier autumn rather than later; otherwise why mention anything when it's still spring.

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