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YahooTube on its way? Marissa Mayer offering video creators more money than Google

Yahoo is reportedly preparing a YouTube rival that will go live later this summer.

According to Advertising Age, which cites sources close to Yahoo, the Internet giant has harboured such plans since 2012, when Marissa Mayer first took over the company's reigns. Just over a year ago, it tried to pick up Dailymotion.

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It seems that Yahoo initially intended to reveal its new service back in April, but contracts spats have delayed the launch.

The platform would share many similarities with YouTube, such as the ability for users to build their own channel pages and embed their Yahoo videos on other sites. However, Yahoo is hoping to trump its rival by offering content creators more lucrative financial offerings.

These would come in the form of chunkier revenue sharing agreements or significantly higher fixed advertising rates. Right now, exact numbers are unknown.

As things stand, YouTube creators currently lose 45 per cent of their advertising revenues to Google, and would likely jump at the opportunity to make more from their videos.

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However, Yahoo is believed to have upset a lot of creators with its content ownership proposal. According to sources, Yahoo wants total ownership of all clips shared to Tumblr.

"I've never seen anything like that in my life," said a producer involved in negotiations with the company. "Anyone who's done a content deal knows that would never fly."