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Alleged iPhone 6 release date spilled by German network

The iPhone rumour mill continues to spin faster than a hamster wheel driven by a steroid-pumped rodent, and another piece of speculation has emerged concerning the release date of the iPhone 6.

According to Redmond Pie, the German network Deutsche Telekom has been telling its customers that the release date for the next iPhone (the normal-sized purportedly 4.7in model, as opposed to the rumoured phablet) will be 19 September.

As Redmond Pie points out, though, there's a good chance this is educated guesswork rather than an actual firm release date which Deutsche Telekom has got wind of. Assuming a September release, Apple always goes for a Friday (and an over the weekend sales spike), so the third Friday of the month is a good bet.

This does, however, run contrary to previous rumours we've heard that the iPhone 6 will actually make its debut in August this year, rather than the usual September launch – with the phablet to follow in September.

Who knows what the truth of the matter is, and we wouldn't put too much stock in Deutsche Telekom's revelation at this point.

The latest iPhone 6 rumour points to the 4.7in handset having a resolution of 1,704 x 960, which would equate to a pixel density of 416ppi, and that would be a big step up from the current iPhone 5S which sits at 326ppi. We've also seen leaked images of the handset this month – check out the alleged next-gen iPhone snapped next to the HTC One M8.

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