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G-Cloud Users Turn To Google To Find Services

G-Cloud users are using Google to search for services because the platform’s search functionality is so poor, claims a provider.

Databarracks, a G-Cloud service provider, claimed that buyers are now turning to search giant Google to find the services they require as finding relevant results within the CloudStore was too difficult.

“We have heard a lot of feedback from G-Cloud buyers that in order to find services, that they have to go outside the CloudStore to search for services in a search engine, then go back into the CloudStore and find the suppliers by name,” claimed Peter Groucutt, managing director of the firm.

His organisation offers backup-as-a-service on the procurement framework, but was frustrated to discover a search for backup in the Store does not actually present a user with backup services.

Following the G-Cloud launch last week, programme director Tony Singleton was forced to apologise after a “search issue” delayed the CloudStore from going live until Tuesday.

It has now come to light that the search problems the site faces will not be fixed until the sixth iteration of G-Cloud, which will see the network combined with the Digital Services Framework to form the Digital Marketplace.

The Digital Marketplace team has already addressed the need for a better search function, claiming in a blog post that a faster, more complex engine known as Elasticsearch was to be used.

However, this function is still being tested before the new Marketplace is rolled out in autumn later this year.