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Microsoft confidently details four new Internet Explorer features

Microsoft is promising at least four brand new features inside the next release of Internet Explorer and fans of the browser could be treated to even more than that when the final product reaches the market.

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The Redmond-based firm confirmed that it would definitely include Web Audio, Media Capture, ES6 Promises and HTTP/2 in the new version plus there is likely to be other features revealed closer to the release date.

“These features form a part of our commitment to delivering interoperable implementations for the latest features on the modern Web. The current list of features “in development” is not an exhaustive representation of what we will deliver in the next version, but an indication of what we currently have highest confidence in delivering,” read the company’s blog.

Web Audio is a JavaScript API that helps to process and synthesise audio in web apps and Media Capture gives access to a device owner’s local audio and video input/output devices. HTTP/2, meanwhile, is a faster protocol for delivering content on the web that is based on Google’s SPDY open networking initiative and it is currently being standardised by the IETF. Lastly, ES6 Promises is designed to let developers create asynchronous code that is cleaner.

At the same time as sharing the new features that will become a part of the new Internet Explorer, Microsoft also explained its priorities for the platform going forwards that include its belief that “the web should just work for everyone – users, developers and businesses”.

In this respect the top priorities are to get users current by encouraging them to download the latest IE version; security; and interoperability and compatibility to make sure that sites written a decade ago and those in the latest HTML5 code work at the same high level.

Microsoft completed the hat trick with news that, the site that shows developers web technologies and standards that are and will be supported in future versions of IE, has come out of beta. It means a variety of improvements come as part of the package including making data open sourced, improving search & filter, adding deep linking, and providing better mobile support & performance.

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The company promised to share more in the coming months on how it plans to make all its proclamations a reality in the next version of its browser.