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Why the age of geeky CIOs is over and how to deal with annoying salespeople

The role of the chief information officer (CIO) and chief technology officer (CTO) is changing. While CIOs and CTOs have traditionally been charged with managing hardware, they are now expected to take care of IT services instead.

According to Amlin CTO Steve O'Donnell, this shift is not going to slow down. The era of the geeky CIO is over. This position now requires a person with a business-savvy brain, constantly thinking about the ways in which new technologies can help develop fresh ideas and innovations.

If technology hasn't entered your business as a competitive threat yet, make sure that it does soon. Otherwise, as Steve says, somebody else will swoop in and steal your cheese.

Check out the clip above for all of this, and some tips for dealing with troublesome salespeople.

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