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Google set to re-enter smart television market with Android TV: Chromecast to be pulled

Google is rumoured to be planning a return to the smart television market later this year with Android TV.

The company originally entered the market space with Google TV back in 2010, but the service struggled to gain much traction and Google eventually released its Chromecast dongle last year.

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While the latter has proved successful, it is likely that Android TV will look to offer more services, as Google goes head-to-head with other smart TV packages such as Apple TV and Roku. It is believed that the new hardware is likely to work on a similar principle to its competitors, but Google is also looking at the possibility of including the service in purpose-built television sets in the near future.

Similarly, rumours have suggested that it would allow users to "cast" content from the tablet or smartphone directly to their television, in a similar way to how Chromecast currently functions. Android TV's user interface, which the company are referring to as "Pano" internally, is rumoured to present content in a card-style display as soon as the service is launched.

Amazon's Kindle Fire TV has also shown the possibilities of integrating gaming within a smart TV offering, and it remains to be seen if Android TV will adopt a similar approach.

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According to multiple sources, the search engine giant is likely to introduce Android TV at its annual developer conference, Google I/O on 25 June, as it attempts to continue the user-friendly nature of Chromecast within a more robust service.