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Government Digital Services Framework spend totals £2.3m

Figures reveal that the government has awarded nine contracts via the Digital Services Framework (DSf), spending a total of £2.3m.

Of this amount, just 30 per cent (£700,000) went to SMEs - despite 83 per cent of the 175 suppliers on DSf falling into this category.

These figures contrast with recently published G-Cloud stats, which show that 60 per cent of all sales via the framework have gone to small/medium companies.

Whitehall claims that it is committed to smaller businesses and 25 per cent of its total spend will go to SMEs by 2015.

Launched in November last year, DSf intends to help the public sector deliver digital services with Agile methodology.

According to a recent blog post, the next iteration of the framework – DSf 2 – is in the final stages of being signed off.

After this, a notice will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and submissions will open.

DSf and G-Cloud to become one

However, the Government Digital Service (GDS) is currently in the process of combining DSf and G-Cloud to form one Digital Marketplace.

According to the GDS chief operating officer, Tony Singleton, the new Marketplace is set to become a single store for buyers in autumn 2014.

The aim of this is to give public sector buyers the opportunity to buy both cloud-based commodities and digital capabilities from the same place.

This makes sense, claims Singleton, because these are often used as part of an overall project.

The fifth iteration of G-Cloud went live last week, however, there were problems that meant the CloudStore was not online until Tuesday morning.