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The secrets that influence startup success - Joy Nazzari MD and co-founder of dn&co

As part of Sage's Secrets to my Success campaign, managing director and co-founder of boutique design studio dn&co Joy Nazzari spoke about what it takes to build a successful startup from the ground up, and how you can take your small business on a similar journey.

In this video, Joy tells us why a naturally risk-taking character could be the defining characteristic for people looking to set up a small business. She shares her three greatest tips for building a startup, as well as letting us in on the secrets that influenced her success, and how constantly analysing your business can help you keep things young, fresh and alive.

Find out why Joy tells everyone thinking of setting up a business to, "Just do it!"

Joy Nazzari: Managing director and co-founder, dn&co 

Dr Ben Medlock: CTO and co-founder, Swiftkey